Who are we?

We are an organisation that supports professionals working in hospital education. This could be within a hospital school, within a tier 4 Child and Adolescent Mental Health Unit, within an outreach service or home tuition service. Any educationalist who works with children and young people who can’t attend school full time because of their medical/mental health difficulties really!

NAHE has been formed by joining the National Association of Hospital and Home Teaching and the National Association of Hospital School Leaders.  Both associations had always worked closely together, and in discussion with the Department for Education, who felt that the voice of the sector would be stronger if we were together, we decided that we would form one organisation that would ‘unify our voices’.

Our aims

  • The members of NAHE strive to raise the standards of education for children and young people who are temporarily or permanently disadvantaged by illness or other medical or mental health conditions.
  • NAHE members actively promote our children and young people’s entitlement to high quality educational opportunities.
  • NAHE members are committed to working collaboratively in order to secure outstanding standards of education for the children and young people we support through professional development and self improvement.

What do we do?

We want to represent the views of our sector at a national level, to liaise with key partners such as the Department for Education and Ofsted, to undertake research into ‘best practice’ for teaching in our sector, and to provide bespoke continuing professional learning opportunities for people who work within the sector.

We also see it as a place for brokering peer to peer support – we know that we need people who understand the challenges of our sector to support us in our school improvement work, and through the organisation, we could facilitate that support. It gives us an opportunity to identify and share good practice.

As a new organisation, we will be listening carefully to our members, and evolving to meet their needs going forward. That means it is important for you to give us your feedback and ideas.

Our constitution

Please click here to view our constitution.

Who can join?

Anyone who works with pupils with medical needs in an educational context is eligible to join.  There is a joining fee which is for the setting, although individuals can join if they wish.

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