Name: Annalise Price-Thomas

Professional Title: Headteacher / Head of Service

Background Annalise Price-Thomas is Head of the Gloucestershire Hospital Education Service (GHES). Annalise originally trained and worked as a Geography teacher in mainstream schools before becoming involved with pastoral leadership and then moving to Alternative Provision in 2001 to run a Pupil Referral Unit for excluded pupils. Annalise has also worked in business and for charities, in the UK and abroad, including spending 2 years working for an education charity in Afghanistan. Annalise is passionate about ensuring every child has the opportunity to thrive and reach their potential. A key mantra Annalise has for Gloucestershire Hospital Education Service is “compassion and challenge.” She believes education requires both elements to be effective; especially in the context of children with medical needs.

Name of Organisation: Gloucestershire Hospital Education Service

Status of organisation: Hospital Education Service

Area of the country: Gloucestershire

Description of your organisation: Gloucestershire Hospital Education Service (GHES) is a registered Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) commissioned by Gloucestershire County Council (GCC) and is a GCC Service. GHES strives for a seamless education between hospital, home and school with a focus on pupils returning to education, employment or training once they are medically able to do so. Gloucestershire Hospital Education Service is committed to creating a teaching and learning environment where learning is enjoyable and targeted to the needs of the individual. Learners are helped to achieve in an atmosphere of high expectation, low stress and mutual respect.

GHES Ethos

We value each child and young person as an individual.

We aim to draw out the best of each pupil’s potential.

We are a caring and friendly learning community aiming to be outstanding in whatever we do.

We always look for opportunities to innovate, grow and learn as professionals and as a service. We also strive to impart this growth mindset to pupils.

GHES vision and values – GHES has a clear educational vision, ‘aspiration, challenge, commitment and success’. This vision underpins every aspect of Gloucestershire Hospital Education Service life and is key to ensuring high levels of motivation, enthusiasm and excitement in learning and development.