Anne Hamilton

Name: Anne Hamilton

Professional Title: Head Teacher

Background: Studied for a degree in Psychology at East London University completed a PGCE in Primary Science in 1994. Taught Information Communication Technology in London, primary schools, colleges and a pupil referral unit for 13 years. She has had leadership roles in two hospital schools and is currently Headteacher at Evelina Hospital School.

Name of Organisation: Evelina Hospital School.

Status of organisation: Foundation Special School Southwark are our employers.

Area of the country: Central London.

Description of your organisation: Evelina Hospital School is sited on the atrium floor of Evelina London Hospital. We provide education mainly to inpatients, because of physical ill health. They can be national or international patients, who are taught through our mobile school and two classrooms. The school is organised to teach primary/Early Years Foundation stage and secondary pupils. On average we teach 1800 pupils a year and have 22 staff.